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Marathon Electrical Contractors uses the latest technology including Building Information Modeling (BIM).


Marathon Electrical Contractors is committed to excellence in customer service and the continued advancement of the construction industry.


Building Information Modeling (BIM) provides the opportunity to maximize project efficiency while maintaining the highest standard of quality. Recognizing the potential of this technology, Marathon incorporates this service into all of its construction projects. 


For electrical construction, BIM models provide an excellent platform for electrical room layout, large conduit/feeder rack layout underground and overhead, recessed lighting layout, cable tray layout, and intersystem coordination with mechanical, fire protection, etc. 


Eleven full time Virtual Design Construction (VDC) draftsmen with a combined twenty years of trade related drafting experience and a full complement of software including Revit 2019, AutoCAD 2019, and Navisworks Manage 2019 provide the capability to capitalize on the advantages of virtual design.



Our prefabrication department produces anything from typical wall rough in boxes, to full electrical rooms, to custom racks and towers. We are always expanding and trying new scopes to give Marathon an advantage in the field. Our prefabrication process is another key to our MPACT program and Lean Construction practices in that it allows us to deliver select areas of the building rough materials exactly when they are needed.  A sampling of prefabricated projects include:

Including pole bases, transformer and generator pads. 

BIM Modeling is used to generate accurate plans for prefabrication elements, expediting processing and field installation.

Common and specialized assemblies utilizing standard components are used to streamline production and installation.

Job specific layouts provide accurate installation plans for typical above ceiling assemblies for lighting, fire alarm, and other systems. 


Custom fabrication of specialty items are coordinated with project design specifications and site specific requirements.

Accurate, coordinated layouts facilitate production of underground assemblies for time sensitive and high risk installations.



Utilizing proven project management staff and skilled electricians, we consistently deliver high-quality construction on time and on budget all the while incorporating stringent safety procedures that are monitored by our Safety Director and his team.  Our team approach allows us to effectively apply Lean Construction practices, including the use of our Marathon Planning and Coordinating Team (MPACT).  Through our MPACT program, we meticulously map a plan of execution down to the last wire nut so we can deliver on the expectations of our customers.


Low Voltage


BICSI is the worldwide association for cabling design and installation professionals. Marathon has BICSI RCDD, Technician and Installer certifications on staff that can provide a complete network infrastructure design and installation.

NICET is the Global leader in providing recognition of qualified technology professionals. We have NICET certified technicians and designers available that have a thorough knowledge of the equipment, applications, and established state-of-the-art design and implementation methods.


Marathon is a certified installer for industry leaders in the technology field. The manufacturers provide specialized expert installation training for our technicians.  These manufacturer agreements allow us to provide certified solutions with extended warranties for up to 25 years.


Service Department

Marathon provides maintenance and emergency service for new and existing customers. 


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