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Cooking Up Some Safety Excellence!

BBQ ribs fresh off the grill!

The Marathon Electrical Contractors safety department celebrated safety excellence this past week on two of our north Alabama jobsites, Project Titan and Project NHA. Since both jobs have taken such initiative to improve safety across the entire jobsite, the safety department knew that they to reward all of the hard work from these men and women. Marathon employee Tarry Soles is known for cooking some of the best barbeque around and has cooked for the company several times. When asked, he was overly thrilled and started preparing immediately. He served up a variety of meats including Boston butt, ribs, baked beans, pulled pork, and pulled chicken all covered with his award winning barbecue sauce.

Jesus Torres and his leadership crew have taken the initiative on Project Titan to educate each and every employee on proper lock out / tag out (LOTO) procedures. LOTO is when a lock is placed onto an electrical source by an individual to protect them from having that source energized. When audited by our safety team, every employee that was interview was able to explain how and why they were locked out on a specific breaker. This is a very big deal because improper LOTO can result in injuries and casualties.

Employees at Project Titan waiting to get a bite of delicious BBQ.

Project NHA is one of Marathon's biggest and busiest projects to date. Over the past 3 years of working on this project, Marathon alone has had over 877,500 hours and has had no loss time or restricted day injuries. This is an amazing feat that has been achieved through the hard work and safety awareness of the employees, upper management, and our safety team.

Employees at Project NHA enjoying their lunches.

All of our Marathon job sites are continuing to educate all employees on proper safety aspects by initiating weekly safety meetings, on site audits, and continuous training.


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